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  2. Hello Myth of the World Members, I've spoken with many of you regarding our MythWorld Game Night schedule - hosting this event on Sundays @ 7pm EST is no longer a convenient time due to the summer weather. After putting out a Strawpoll to determine the best time to host this event, we have decided to move the MythWorld Game Night event to Sundays @ 10pm EST. We plan to move this event back to Sundays @ 7pm EST when the winter weather returns. Best Regards, Webman97
  3. Hello Myth of the World Members, With the recent announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to PC through Steam and the Windows Store, we are excited to announce that when this game is released, we will begin hosting weekly events called MythWorld Halo Missions! While this event will specifically focus on custom games, we will also prepare to play everything Halo including campaign, firefight and Halo Wars! Event types will include: Classic Halo 3 Custom Games (including Ghost Town, Jenga Tower, Infection Maze Runs, Cops and Robbers, Destroy the Bridge and more!) Halo Legendary Campaign Grinding Halo Legendary Firefight Grinding Halo Wars Tournaments This event may overlap with or replace the timeslot containing MythWorld Game Night depending on player requests! We will have more information on this event as we near the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC! Best Regards, Webman97
  4. Hello Myth of the World Members, We have decided to take down our Conan Exiles, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Insurgency: Sandstorm servers after noticing increased interest in our Killing Floor 2 Platform. We have replaced the servers we took down with a new initiative - Community Servers. Members can now request to host any type of game server on the MythWorld network. These are the rules: At least five members must express written interest (we recommend doing this on Discord). We will then host the requested server for two weeks with 24/7 uptime as our network allows. To renew a server, five members must express continued written interest no more than four days before the server expires. Anyone who wishes to make a request or express interest in a request must be an active member of our community and a member of our forums for no less than 14 days. We have also restructured our ranking system, removing region-based membership. Additionally, we have rescheduled MythWorld Game Night. We now host this event Sundays @ 7pm EST. Best Regards, Webman97
  5. Hello Myth of the World Members, We will begin hosting weekly events starting this weekend! On Sundays @ 8pm EST, I will host MythWorld Game Night and record/livestream for our YouTube and Twitch channels! All members are welcome to join in these events and provide suggestions/feedback for improvement! Best Regards, Webman97
  6. Hello Myth of the World Members, We announced on our Twitter (@MythoftheWorld) on January 16th, 2019 that we have modified our game server network! We have removed our DayZ server in favor of adding three Killing Floor 2 servers! These servers are for all other gamemodes Killing Floor 2 has to offer (Endless/Versus Survival/Weekly Outbreaks). We also found a replacement for our Squad server! Our Insurgency: Sandstorm matchmaking server is online as of today! As we continue to build our infrastructure, we will make changes to our servers. Our Conan Exiles server is the only game server we host with persistent data, whereas all other game servers are either matchmaking or co-op servers that do not save player data persistently. As such, we will avoid making data-wiping changes to our Conan Exiles server without polling the community. Feel free to leave feedback on our Discord or sign up and post on our forums! Best Regards, Webman97
  7. Hello Myth of the World Members, We announced on our Twitter (@MythoftheWorld) on January 10th, 2019 that we have launched our game server network! Our game server network includes servers for Conan Exiles, DayZ, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Squad and Killing Floor 2. As our community grows, we will modify these servers based on player feedback. Yesterday, we decided to take our Squad server offline due to server licensing rules set by Offworld Industries. The following is a statement I wrote regarding Squad’s server license system: We are currently looking for a replacement server in the Modern Warfare Multiplayer genre as a result of taking this server offline. In the meantime, enjoy our other servers! Best Regards, Webman97
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  9. Hello Myth of the World Members, Welcome to our community forum! This forum will be used to coordinate events and information alongside our Discord (discord.gg/aB4sdvh) and Twitter (@MythoftheWorld). More information coming soon as we continue to build our infrastructure! Best Regards, Webman97
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