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    MythWorld Events - MythWorld Halo Missions!

    By Webman97,

    Hello Myth of the World Members,

    On March 14th, 2019, we announced the following:

    On 3/14/2019 at 8:18 PM, Webman97 said:

    With the recent announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to PC through Steam and the Windows Store, we are excited to announce that when this game is released, we will begin hosting weekly events called MythWorld Halo Missions! While this event will specifically focus on custom games, we will also prepare to play everything Halo including campaign, firefight and Halo Wars!

    Event types will include:

    • Classic Halo 3 Custom Games (including Ghost Town, Jenga Tower, Infection Maze Runs, Cops and Robbers, Destroy the Bridge and more!)
    • Halo Legendary Campaign Grinding
    • Halo Legendary Firefight Grinding
    • Halo Wars Tournaments

    This event may overlap with or replace the timeslot containing MythWorld Game Night depending on player requests!

    We will have more information on this event as we near the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC!

    It has been announced that Halo: Reach will arrive to the Halo: Master Chief Collection on December 3rd! The game is now available on Steam for purchase! (See here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/)

    As such, we will be hosting a launch party:

    We will also begin scheduling regular events called MythWorld Halo Missions. This MythWorld Event will take place on Sundays @ 12:30am EST:

    At launch, Halo: Master Chief Collection will not support cross-play between the PC version and Xbox One version. However, the developers have said they may look into this when the entirety of the Master Chief Collection has been released on PC. If you already own this game on Xbox, you'll be happy to hear that the PC version of the game will have cross-progression between PC and Xbox.

    Best Regards,


    MythWorld.net Server Changes - Versus Survival Server Shutdown!

    By Webman97,

    Hello Myth of the World Members,

    We have shut down our Killing Floor 2 Versus Survival Server based on community feedback and overall disinterest in the Versus Survival gamemode.

    This shutdown will free up space for us to host other servers for Killing Floor 2 or other games.

    Best Regards,


    MythWorld.net Server Changes - Rust & Homepage Update!

    By Webman97,

    Hello Myth of the World Members,

    We have decided to launch a vanilla Rust server! This server will create an open-world outlet for MythWorld members and does not impact our Killing Floor 2 servers.

    We have also updated our website's homepage to reflect a similar look to our forums!

    Best Regards,


    MythWorld Events - Fall Event Scheduling!

    By Webman97,

    Hello Myth of the World Members,

    With the start of the new school year, many members have had schedule changes. As such, we have modified our MythWorld Events schedule.

    • We will no longer host events on Tuesdays.
    • We have combined MythWorld Competitive Night and MythWorld Co-Op Night! This event is called MythWorld Game Night and will be hosted on Thursdays.
    • Fleshpound Bot will no longer use @everyone when announcing events in Discord.

    Best Regards,


    MythWorld Events - Restructure for 2019!

    By Webman97,

    Hello Myth of the World Members,

    We have decided to restructure all MythWorld Events to encourage event participation! Part of the restructure includes a new Discord rank for participation.

    MythWorld Game Night has expanded and MythWorld Events will be restructured as follows:


    Tuesday - MythWorld Competitive Night (12:30am EST)

    • Members compete for the rank of Chicken Dinner.
    • Rules:
      • There can only be ONE WINNER per event.
      • Event is not limited to Killing Floor 2.


    Thursday - MythWorld Co-Op Night (12:30am EST)

    • Members play Team Building games and gamemodes.
    • Rules:
      • Any game played must rely on teamwork to win.
      • Event is not limited to Killing Floor 2.


    Saturday - MythWorld Killing Floor 2 Night (12:30am EST)

    • Original MythWorld Game Night Event.
    • Rules:
      • Event is limited to Killing Floor 2!


    Impromptu Events - MythWorld Game Night

    • Random events that are hosted based on requests from members in the Discord voice lobbies.
    • No rules/restrictions
    • Little to no notice will be provided for these events, as they are impromptu.


    We start the new MythWorld Event schedule next week (07/21/2019)! As such, there will be no Sunday event.

    Best Regards,


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    • Hello Myth of the World Members, This year we're excited to announce MythWorld Minecraft! Members have been expressing interest in a server with a persistent environment for quite some time. When we launched a temporary vanilla Minecraft server for members only, we had a number of you join very quickly (and stay) and we realized it was time to invest in this environment. We've put a lot of time and consideration into the type of server we'd like this to be, alongside what our members are interested in playing. We've created a new website for MythWorld Minecraft to keep the server environment separate from the community environment (we're aware Minecraft isn't the sole reason players are a part of MythWorld). If you'd like more information regarding our Minecraft server, please go to https://www.mythworld.net/. With the launch of our Minecraft server and community feedback, we've replaced MythWorld Halo Missions with a MythWorld Game Night. Additionally, we have opted to avoid focusing on any games specifically as a community from this point forward. This is another reason the MythWorld Minecraft server has a dedicated website. We have also opted to remove the #event-feed bots posting updates on the Discord due to the maintenance required when changing the schedule. Updates will be posted directly to the website as of today. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, Every year I summarize our community growth and overall experiences. This year's theme: Starting Anew. 2018 and 2019 have been combined since MythWorld was created in November 2018. I began Myth of the World with a set of fundamental values I believe make a strong gaming community. However, I was alone. I began the process as usual, designing the logo, website, Discord, etc and join my empty servers to try to interact with anyone who joins. This process, over time, allowed me to begin rebuilding my vision of a gaming community: “All players should have the privilege of entering a community without judgement. We are here to play games, plain and simple.” As of the end of this year, I’ve come across many players who either agree or disagree with this idea. A few even became staff members. Before banning members who disagreed with our values, we gave them the privilege to explain their actions and beliefs in community membership. This was a year of decent player activity and calm rule enforcement. Most players who found themselves breaking the rules did not understand: “We are here to play games, plain and simple.“ We began this year outside of my comfort zone – using Discord. I was initially reluctant to use Discord, however it has proven to be the preferred platform of the community. We also launched MythWorld.net and began experimenting with game servers. We found ourselves focused on hosting Killing Floor 2 because it aligns closely with our values (despite the theme & genre). We also launched MythWorld Events this year, events that have been very successful in both encouraging player activity and documenting our experiences as a community on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. With the release of many new games towards the end of 2019, our community decided game servers were not necessary and we agreed. Thus, we announced the shutdown of MythWorld.net. We have polled our community to determine if we're heading in the correct direction, and the answer is a resounding yes. After navigating through the initial growth process, we've found our balance. Now it's time to focus on spreading our mission. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, We have decided to shut down our game server environment, MythWorld.net. While you can still get to our website using MythWorld.net, all game servers will shut down as of January 10th, 2020. After one year online, MythWorld.net has brought together many members from Killing Floor 2. However, with the release of many new games that do not require servers, we do not find it necessary to pay for and maintain our game server environment. This only impacts our Killing Floor 2 servers - our Discord and the website will remain online. Additionally, we have decided to refocus on MythWorld Game Night and MythWorld Halo Missions. More information on both MythWorld Events can be found on our calendar, here. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, We are excited to introduce our first nightly event: MythWorld Nightlys! This is our solution to the question "what are we playing tonight?" Every day at 8:30am EST, we will announce the MythWorld Nightly game and any MythWorld Events for the next day. All other MythWorld Events are prioritized over MythWorld Nightlys. MythWorld Nightly games are selected based on community feedback. As such, the current MythWorld Nightly rotation only includes games listed in our #events channel on Discord. If more than five members are interested in modifying the existing rotation, we will poll the community and make adjustments to the rotation accordingly. Members are not required to participate in the MythWorld Nightly event. The purpose of this event is to answer the question "what are we playing tonight?", and allow members to plan when they'd like to participate. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, After many moons of investigation regarding rubber-banding and lagspikes on our Rust server, we have come to the conclusion that the application is poorly optimized and not worth the investment of further time and resources trying to locate and fix the issue. As such, we have shut down our Rust server permanently. Best Regards, Webman97
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“All players should have the privilege of entering a community without judgement. We’re here to play games, plain and simple.” Webman97, Myth of the World (November 2018)

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