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    • Hello Myth of the World Members, We have decided to restructure all MythWorld Events to encourage event participation! Part of the restructure includes a new Discord rank for participation. MythWorld Game Night has expanded and MythWorld Events will be restructured as follows:   Tuesday - MythWorld Competitive Night (12:30am EST) Members compete for the rank of Chicken Dinner. Rules: There can only be ONE WINNER per event. Event is not limited to Killing Floor 2.   Thursday - MythWorld Co-Op Night (12:30am EST) Members play Team Building games and gamemodes. Rules: Any game played must rely on teamwork to win. Event is not limited to Killing Floor 2.   Saturday - MythWorld Killing Floor 2 Night (12:30am EST) Original MythWorld Game Night Event. Rules: Event is limited to Killing Floor 2!   Impromptu Events - MythWorld Game Night Random events that are hosted based on requests from members in the Discord voice lobbies. No rules/restrictions Little to no notice will be provided for these events, as they are impromptu.   We start the new MythWorld Event schedule next week (07/21/2019)! As such, there will be no Sunday event. Best Regards, Webman97
    • We will update this post with the latest and greatest screenshots of KF2 Chicken action!   Winner Winner... Chicken Dinner?   Face Your Fears!   A Different Perspective   Slow-Motion Chicken   Chicken CPR   Chicken Gets Cotton Candy-ed   Chicken Watches Chicken Get Yeeted
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, With Killing Floor 2's Summer 2019 Back and Kicking Brass update, we have published our Community Server on our website and launched an Objective Server! Our community server is ranked and contains custom maps that can be found on the Steam Workshop. Any members who wish to add a custom map to this server can let us know by replying to this post or posting on our Discord! Enjoy the new update! Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, I've spoken with many of you regarding our MythWorld Game Night schedule - hosting this event on Sundays @ 7pm EST is no longer a convenient time due to the summer weather. After putting out a Strawpoll to determine the best time to host this event, we have decided to move the MythWorld Game Night event to Sundays @ 10pm EST. We plan to move this event back to Sundays @ 7pm EST when the winter weather returns. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, With the recent announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to PC through Steam and the Windows Store, we are excited to announce that when this game is released, we will begin hosting weekly events called MythWorld Halo Missions! While this event will specifically focus on custom games, we will also prepare to play everything Halo including campaign, firefight and Halo Wars! Event types will include: Classic Halo 3 Custom Games (including Ghost Town, Jenga Tower, Infection Maze Runs, Cops and Robbers, Destroy the Bridge and more!) Halo Legendary Campaign Grinding Halo Legendary Firefight Grinding Halo Wars Tournaments This event may overlap with or replace the timeslot containing MythWorld Game Night depending on player requests! We will have more information on this event as we near the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC! Best Regards, Webman97
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