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    • Hello Myth of the World Members, We have decided to shut down our game server environment, MythWorld.net. While you can still get to our website using MythWorld.net, all game servers will shut down as of January 10th, 2020. After one year online, MythWorld.net has brought together many members from Killing Floor 2. However, with the release of many new games that do not require servers, we do not find it necessary to pay for and maintain our game server environment. This only impacts our Killing Floor 2 servers - our Discord and the website will remain online. Additionally, we have decided to refocus on MythWorld Game Night and MythWorld Halo Missions. More information on both MythWorld Events can be found on our calendar, here. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, We are excited to introduce our first nightly event: MythWorld Nightlys! This is our solution to the question "what are we playing tonight?" Every day at 8:30am EST, we will announce the MythWorld Nightly game and any MythWorld Events for the next day. All other MythWorld Events are prioritized over MythWorld Nightlys. MythWorld Nightly games are selected based on community feedback. As such, the current MythWorld Nightly rotation only includes games listed in our #rules channel on Discord. If more than five members are interested in modifying the existing rotation, we will poll the community and make adjustments to the rotation accordingly. Members are not required to participate in the MythWorld Nightly event. The purpose of this event is to answer the question "what are we playing tonight?", and allow members to plan when they'd like to participate. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, After many moons of investigation regarding rubber-banding and lagspikes on our Rust server, we have come to the conclusion that the application is poorly optimized and not worth the investment of further time and resources trying to locate and fix the issue. As such, we have shut down our Rust server permanently. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, On March 14th, 2019, we announced the following: It has been announced that Halo: Reach will arrive to the Halo: Master Chief Collection on December 3rd! The game is now available on Steam for purchase! (See here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/) As such, we will be hosting a launch party: We will also begin scheduling regular events called MythWorld Halo Missions. This MythWorld Event will take place on Sundays @ 12:30am EST: At launch, Halo: Master Chief Collection will not support cross-play between the PC version and Xbox One version. However, the developers have said they may look into this when the entirety of the Master Chief Collection has been released on PC. If you already own this game on Xbox, you'll be happy to hear that the PC version of the game will have cross-progression between PC and Xbox. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, We have shut down our Killing Floor 2 Versus Survival Server based on community feedback and overall disinterest in the Versus Survival gamemode. This shutdown will free up space for us to host other servers for Killing Floor 2 or other games. Best Regards, Webman97
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