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    • Hello Myth of the World Members, As we finish the third quarter of 2020, we noticed we haven't had to post long-term changes to our community since our previous announcement in May. The changes we've experienced since May have been steady, with the intent of building our infrastructure as robust as possible: Changes to our rules and policies. We've made a lot of changes as we continue to grow our community. These changes have been subtle in nature, but noteworthy. The values of our community members have been reinforced in the process, which means we're doing something right! Our New Mascot. Revealed during our MythWorld Nightly Event on Twitch in August. Discord New Member, Member & Twitch Subscriber Categories/Channels. Our Discord permissions configuration is extremely complex compared to our December 2019 configuration. Notably, we enacted protocol "Suit of Armor Around the World" in August. This protocol is in place to streamline the process of educating new users about our mission, while protecting those who believe in our mission already. Discord automation added in September finalized our vision for this protocol. Discord Automation. Our Discord now includes features we've wanted since we created our server in November 2018. Notable changes include: Our transition to a Discord Community Server, the implementation of our "Two Hour Member" system carried over from MythWorld Minecraft, rank assignment automation, commands such as ?roll & ?ranks in our new cmd channel, a live Minecraft server feed, feeds for our other MythWorld Media Group operations and our custom Discord emotes. MythWorld Minecraft's completion. Season 4: Journey's End (launching October 1st, 2020) includes all the features, functionality, infrastructure and content from our February 2020 plan on day one. We've also achieved thousands of views on our MythWorld Minecraft platform, http://www.mythworld.net/ Dungeons & Dragons. We finally began DnD sessions shortly after our previous announcement in May. We've developed rules and policies around how our Members wish to enjoy DnD, and continue to build this component of our community. Killing Floor 2 Servers. After we shut down MythWorld.net in January, we repurposed the infrastructure for MythWorld Minecraft. However, we received endless requests for Killing Floor 2 servers. As Killing Floor 2 is part of our community history, we relaunched two Killing Floor 2 servers for Member use in June. While these servers are open to the public, Non-Members may be kicked at any time for Members to join. Subreddit Launch. We launched our subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/MythWorld/ for Member use in June. Our Discord server includes a direct feed to this subreddit. The addition of MythWorld Hype Events. Members can compete for prizes, enter giveaways/contests and more! These events are seasonal in nature. The MythWorld Nightly Event has become the new standard for our Members, and our Discord Hangout Lobby has become the lifeblood of our server. If you're looking for someone to play games with, the Hangout is where you'll meet our community. Let's keep building! Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, As we've observed an increasing amount of members join our server and participate in events, we've found ourselves poised to change our event structure. The following changes will be made: MythWorld Game Night will become the MythWorld Nightly Event MythWorld Nightlys will be removed from our regular rotation and replaced with the MythWorld Nightly Event As such, our events are no longer exclusive to Thursday/Saturday/Sunday nights! This change essentially makes the previous MythWorld Game Night a nightly event! Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, We have uploaded our Year in Review YouTube video! Enjoy! Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, This year we're excited to announce MythWorld Minecraft! Members have been expressing interest in a server with a persistent environment for quite some time. When we launched a temporary vanilla Minecraft server for members only, we had a number of you join very quickly (and stay) and we realized it was time to invest in this environment. We've put a lot of time and consideration into the type of server we'd like this to be, alongside what our members are interested in playing. We've created a new website for MythWorld Minecraft to keep the server environment separate from the community environment (we're aware Minecraft isn't the sole reason players are a part of MythWorld). If you'd like more information regarding our Minecraft server, please go to https://www.mythworld.net/. With the launch of our Minecraft server and community feedback, we've replaced MythWorld Halo Missions with a MythWorld Game Night. Additionally, we have opted to avoid focusing on any games specifically as a community from this point forward. This is another reason the MythWorld Minecraft server has a dedicated website. We have also opted to remove the #event-feed bots posting updates on the Discord due to the maintenance required when changing the schedule. Updates will be posted directly to the website as of today. Best Regards, Webman97
    • Hello Myth of the World Members, Every year I summarize our community growth and overall experiences. This year's theme: Starting Anew. 2018 and 2019 have been combined since MythWorld was created in November 2018. I began Myth of the World with a set of fundamental values I believe make a strong gaming community. However, I was alone. I began the process as usual, designing the logo, website, Discord, etc and join my empty servers to try to interact with anyone who joins. This process, over time, allowed me to begin rebuilding my vision of a gaming community: “All players should have the privilege of entering a community without judgement. We are here to play games, plain and simple.” As of the end of this year, I’ve come across many players who either agree or disagree with this idea. A few even became staff members. Before banning members who disagreed with our values, we gave them the privilege to explain their actions and beliefs in community membership. This was a year of decent player activity and calm rule enforcement. Most players who found themselves breaking the rules did not understand: “We are here to play games, plain and simple.“ We began this year outside of my comfort zone – using Discord. I was initially reluctant to use Discord, however it has proven to be the preferred platform of the community. We also launched MythWorld.net and began experimenting with game servers. We found ourselves focused on hosting Killing Floor 2 because it aligns closely with our values (despite the theme & genre). We also launched MythWorld Events this year, events that have been very successful in both encouraging player activity and documenting our experiences as a community on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. With the release of many new games towards the end of 2019, our community decided game servers were not necessary and we agreed. Thus, we announced the shutdown of MythWorld.net. After navigating through the initial growth process, we've found our balance. Now it's time to build our infrastructure. Best Regards, Webman97
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“All players should have the privilege of entering a community without judgement. We’re here to play games, plain and simple.” Webman97, Myth of the World (November 2018)

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